Links for Networked Sites

The other important feature on the page for Links, and on several other pages of SYCL sites, is the ability to divide entries into sections. This is especially useful for storing large quantities of documents, such as minutes of meetings or guidance documents, that people might wish to download. The sections here are for the links to Local and International SYCL sites.

Local Website Examples
Arne Parish website.  Click here for this local administration in the UK.
Tanglewood Bed & Breakfast.  Click here for a Dorset tourist business website.
Perdix-UK. Click here for an example of a UK conservation website.
International Website Examples
European Sustainable Use Group. Click here for the website of this non-profit organisation which supports the International Union for Conservation of Nature with a network of country coordinators.
A website for a Eurasian project. Click here for this site, which is for scientists and administrators, with pages for the partner organisations. It networks with a separate multilingual site for local practitioners and falcon hospitals.




Look at the sixth topic on the left-side menu (you may need to click to expand the image, then ← to restore). If you then go to nearby Arne Parish, you will see just the same topic. The "Nature" topic networks for projects on nature across all UK Parishes using SYCL (and on this site too). 


You can also have any number of links to other sites, or to documents, in the text as well as in lists on this page. However, the networking of web-sites for project pages and other purposes is unique to the System for Community Liaison. This networking is intended eventually to help Communities to "twin" across countries and form clusters for administration.


The Links Page, like the Download Page, has ability to create, edit and arrange Sections, and then to create, edit and arrange Items within the sections. A dialogue box makes it easy to paste in links to other sites, to other parts of the same site or to documents stored as Downloads, as shown here and on the Training Page.