Routes and Places

An Example of Mapping a Walk

You can write here things like River walk or Hill walk, footwear required etc.

Click Edit Description (green ring). You will see this below.


Edit item on maps and routes




Work on completing the boxes on the left with your information and then Save





You will return to the Edit Items menu (above).






Then click the yellow-edged button "Edit Map".


1.4 km
Length of walk 40min
Toddler friendly




This is a great page where you can map anything from walking routes to flower sites, pigeon flight paths or even wildlife in a pond.


This image can be seen live at Arne Parish Council. The only content they have on the main page is the heading "Mapped Routes & Places".


Actual routes are created under Edit Items (red ring) in the example opposite. You can make many different maps or routes under different headings if you follow instructions in More Routes below.

More Routes