The SYCL Training Page

On your new site, go to the Site Settings page. Click the image here for a clear view, then the back-arrow (←) to return. On this page you put in your site name, choose your country and language and then your geographic area in the country, decide on your site logo and the colour of the banner, and add links for Facebook, Twitter and Google Analytics. Choosing a short and memorable domain name is important for helping people find your site when published. The site in this image is

The Home Page
23 Feb 2016

The Home Page is the simplest sort of SYCL page. Like all pages, you can edit a short name for the menu, whether it is in the left or top menu, what longer title is on the page itself, whether there is an image and whether the image is full-width or half. You also can use special editor boxes to add text, special characters, links and formatting for the central column and for the left column, using the Preview button to check format.

Pages with lists of Items
02 Mar 2016

Other pages, as illustrated for Calendar but also for News and Regular Events, can have text columns and images like the Home and About pages, but below that there can be a list of Items that can be created, edited, deleted and arranged in different order.

Pages with Items in Sections
02 Mar 2016

A third type of page is like the one above, but can have the Items arranged into sections, which can themselves be created, edited, deleted and arranged in particular orders. These pages include those for Downloads, Links and More Links. These Pages can be used to compile lists of links for other websites or for documents.

Special pages
02 Mar 2016

The Routes and Gallery pages have lists of items. Creating a Gallery of Images as project instructions, or to show an event is quite easy. Creating local Routes or maps showing Sites of interest requires special editing, and are best mastered after becoming familiar with the other page types.

Other pages
02 Mar 2016

Pages for people to Contact you or Register for general emails or text messages from your site have some things (e.g. e-mail addresses) that you need to complete. The Register page also has a section that lists the registered e-mails, with a box for sending emails to all those registered. Finally, the pages for Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy may need some editing to suit the laws on conducting business or on protecting information on individuals in your country.

Some SYCL users have advertisements on this page. The annual cost of a site can be covered by one large advertiser (e.g. a hotel) paying your €99 subscription, or by 4-5 shops paying €20-25 each.


Here we advertise how to start using SYCL.


A first thing to learn is that you can click to enlarge any image, and use the back-arrow (←) to return to the whole page.


When you have done any editing on a page, don't forget to Save your work: this button is at the bottom of every page.


Then press Preview at the top left of the image (in yellow) if you wish to see how things look. Use Editor (ringed in red) to return to editing mode.


Finally, when you are happy with your site, you can return to the Site Settings page and Publish (in blue at the top centre of the image). 




Do remember to Save before you Preview your work.