Downloading Documents, Images, etc

This is Page for storing documents, which could be guidance texts, meeting reports or anything you like. Here it stores images for this site. The image (which you can click to enlarge or use back-arrow ← to return to the page) results from choosing Edit Sections (red circle). A button to Create a new section, in which items will store, is shown by the blue rectangle. These organise the lists below.

Teaching others about SYCL
Sign-up and Settings Page images
SYCL entry page Use the link in the right column to sign in
Sign-up page Typing the text is an additional security measure
Selecting the Settings Page Click on the link in the red ring
Setting the banner colour Click in the box for the colour chart
Loading a logo Double-click the image file or drag and drop
Managing Site Editors Click the red-ringed button
To add a Site Editor Click the red-ringed button
Put the site on-line Clicking will publish to the SYCL domain name & others
The site is published To both domain names
Editor function images (for Home Page)
Inserting a Symbol into text Click the Greek omega in the red ring
Inserting a "back-arrow"  Click the symbol in the red ring
Adding a link to marked text Click the anchor in the red ring
Add the link From a list of those on site in this case
Calendar List images
Edit a calendar item Click the red-ringed button
Edit the item Click the box to change the date and don't forget to SAVE!
Links Page images
Create new Section on Links Page Click on the red-ringed button
Creating and editing links Press SAVE to return to the list of links
To Edit a listed link Click the red-ringed button
Finding a link for a site Copy the link from the browser
Link-editing dialogue Paste the new link into the box and SAVE
Moving a link up within a Section Click the red-ringed button
Moving the link up again Click the button again
The result of moving the link It is now at the top of its Section
Gallery Creation images
Creating a new Gallery Click the red-ringed button
Box to create Gallery Item Give a name, with introduction & description if needed
Adding images to the Gallery Item Click the red-ringed button
Box for inserting images Images can be moved and deleted after insertion
Image insertion Double-click the image file or drag and drop it
Finding a link to a named Gallery Copy the link from the browser
Link to Gallery Project Mark the text to link and click the red-circled link button
Inserting the link Paste the link and select to open in a new window
Routes and Mapping Page images
Page layout This image shows possible ways to lay out a routes and mapping page







Other buttons are to Edit the section, to Move Up or Move Down where it will display on this Downloads Page, and to Delete the section.



Editing for this page is similar to that shown for the Links Page, with a dialogue box to Create and Edit download items. However, when you Edit Items there is also a button to move items To Top of the list, which can avoid using Move Up many times.