If you can edit a text box like this - you can use SYCL!

Who is SYCL for?


All types of Community groups across the globe


From Parish and Town Councils  

                                                           TO        Anything!


Farming Groups, Scouts, Womens Institutes, Village Halls,

Rambling, Riding, Heritage, Shooting,Fishing, Nature Clubs



  • EASY TO USE and set up,

    by anyone of any age or experience;

  • ECONOMICALLY PRICED at €99 for one year,

    and already available in 8 languages;

  • DOWNLOADS of documents that you store

    for meetings or guidance

  • PICTURES on all your pages, in NEWS columns or 

    a rolling GALLERY, with links for Facebook and Twitter

  • MAPPING for walks, rides, sites of interest, and

    with expert guidance, for nature conservation projects;

  • NETWORKED to share pages for countries or regions, 

    with common information waterfalled centrally;



Next steps


Go to the Home Page to register for your SYCL site





The Aims of SYCL   


1. To help local communities and clubs improve how they live and where they live.


2. To focus on your local news, events, places and nature.


3. To get your information on-line easily in seconds. No waiting for a website provider!


4. To link communities in as many countries as possible. For a list of languages see here 


5. To be run low cost, non-profit and not by governments.



See what East Stoke said:


"The Parish Council have liked the simple format which is easy to update. You do not have to be a whizz at IT to produce this website as anyone who operates their own Facebook account would have enough skills to do this."



And what a Minister said too:


"The Naturalliance and SYCL initiatives are a great way to build capacity for localism. I hope that in time they will encourage people to report changes in their local habitats and wildlife. This will give local authorities and central Government more information about the changes to our natural environment."



Who manages SYCL?


SYCL is run by two British organisations: 

The Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust 

and Anatrack Ltd


Management is aided by 

European Sustainable Use Group,

as a support measure for the 

International Union for Conservation of Nature.