Hints and Tips

Sub-pages are easy
17 Jan 2017

Although there are a lot of pages which can be used (because even those with sub-sections have the same format if one ignores the subsections and just uses "Edit Page") the system has only one hierarchy level of pages. However, you can have as many sub-pages as you can add links into the text. Simply store the 'sub-page' as a PDF file on the "Downloads" page. Then click (in "Preview") to display it and copy its address (highlight and Ctrl-C in the browser window), return to the "Editor" and copy the address (Ctrl-V) to your link. 

Got this picture? You forgot to SAVE!
02 Mar 2016

Click the image for a closer look, and then use the back arrow (←) at top left of your screen to return to this page. If you wish to insert characters like the back arrow, press the Greek Omega in the Editor Box.


It is easy to forget to press Save, at the bottom left of the page, especially when you have been working in a dialogue box. 

Inserting pictures in text boxes
02 Mar 2016

This is possible, and you can even attach links to them so that they work like icons. Paste the image into Word, with text too if you wish. Then copy the Word section and paste into the SYCL text box - you can use the 'paste from Word' icon above. However, this way of including pictures is not recommended, because they do not click to resize and may not work properly on some screens (e.g. smart-phones). A better approach is to paste in sections of HTML.